About Us

Empower Children Trust is the developmental wing of the private (organization). It is a non governmental organization and work for restoring the right to educational formal and non formal and uplift of the marginalized children, the sick and the suffering. It is also working in the field of development cooperation, health and human rights education.

Empower Children is committed desire to change the lives of the sidelined and marginalized children through education. The desire is to build a proactive generation whom the country will benefit from. To provide love and compassion to a section of children who otherwise can end up being forgotten. Empower Children work towards finding these children and bring them to the mainstream of the society.
Empower Children have comprehensive services designed for the upliftment of marginalized children, the sick and the suffering. Along with providing them with quality education, Empower Children also works towards ensuring food, shelter and all other amenities and facilities for the children.